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NFiniT Digital Management is the authority for Blockchain and NFT education for business, large organizations and individuals alike. Our team of consultants are experts in the field and work daily to ensure that there is a standard that is set and followed by their clients when navigating this large and diverse space. True Gent Cigars and NFiniT Digital Management have partnered to bring you the Cigar Life NFT in a way that is easy-to-understand, fun and engaging. This way, a lack of education no longer becomes a barrier to you entering into the NFT space! Be sure to watch the video below if you are new to this space, as it is going to show you exactly how you can get your FREE NFT class by purchasing the Cigar Life NFT.

About Us

The Cigar Life NFT Collective, by True Gent Cigars, will be dropping its FIRST NFT Collection, called the “We Can Do It” Collection. It will highlight the many different races, colors and creeds who all enjoy cigars and emphasize the fact that both women and men love the cigar life experience. The project is also meant to highlight the significant impact that women have had on the cigar industry, as this has been consistently overlooked.

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DO NOT BUY YOUR NFT off of Opensea.io! Instead, in order for you to get your FREE NFT Class, make sure that you watch the "How to Purchase" Video for beginners. It's going to explain the special steps you need to take to get access to your FREE NFT class. We cannot process refunds for those who do not follow the instructions and buy the NFT from Opensea and will not provide access to the FREE NFT Class.

Current Cigar Life NFT Holders

If you're already the proud owner of the "We Can Do It" Inaugural Cigar Life NFT, then you qualify to receive a FREE sample cigar pack that will be delivered to your front door. Please click the button below to complete your order form.

Warning: If you are new to NFTs, please watch the "How to Purchase" video below BEFORE buying. Are you sure you want to buy now?