Road Map & Future Plans

We are pleased to out line our plans within the next 6 to 8 months, as we work hard to ensure that our community members are heard and provided with what they deserve.

Q2 2023 (MAY 1)

Inaugural “We Can Do It” Drop

Drop starts on May 1, 2023 at 10am EST and will qualify holders to get WL access to other NFT drops, which include the chance to own a piece of a tobacco farm. Holders will also receive a FREE NFT Class (live and interactive) as well as free merch and a surprise airdrop of an NFT and a physical mystery item.

Q2 2023 (JUNE 30)

Our next NFT will feature a three-tiered drop will give buyers access to a six to twelve month cigar subscription, that will be delivered straight to your door.
Based on the rarity level of your NFT, you will be sent a six to twelve month subscription of anywhere from two (2) to six (6) randomized cigars.
The levels are as follows:
1. Common - 2 randomized (never the same) cigars sent to your door for 6 months
2. Rare - 6 randomized cigars sent to your door for 6 months
3. Super Rare - 6 randomized cigars sent to your door for 12 months

Development of Cigar Life Collective Metaverse Cigar Lounge begins. Various cigar based companies will get the opportunity to submit an application to have their products turned into NFTs FOR them and sold in our lounge. The eCommerce process will be no different from an online sale, other than the fact that it will happen in the metaverse! Our team will create the NFTs and link them to your eCommerce system for you. Business owners will also get access to a FREE NFT 101 class for businesses, powered by NFiniT Digital Management.​

Q3 2023 (AUGUST)

Farm Investment (Drop 2) Begins. Holders of the Inaugural “We Can Do It” drop are the only ones who will qualify for this drop. The Farm Investment Drop gives holders; i) a partial share in the acquisition of a cigar farm, ii) 35% off of first five (5)purchases for tiers 2 & 3, and iii) a piece of the sales from the products produced by the Cigar Life Collective’s farm. Holding this NFT also qualifies 5 lucky community members to win an all-expense paid trip for two to the farm, as well as a personal tour guide for the entirety of the trip! Members will receive monthly updates on the acquisition process. The share amounts per tier are:​

Bronze Tier 1 –

0.0133% Farm Ownership per NFT. Quantity: 700

Silver Tier 2 –

0.0658% Farm Ownership per NFT. Quantity: 400

Gold Tier 3 –

1.5789% Farm Ownership per NFT. Quantity: 15

Platinum Tier 4 –

3% Farm Ownership per NFT. Quantity: 10

Q3 2023 (AUGUST)

Cigar Life Bank Opens. A portion of all sales from our farm are deposited into an account that is used as a reserve for any development, maintenance or operations associated with the project and/or farm.

Q4 2023 (OCTOBER)

Metaverse Beta Release. Qualifying NFT holders receive access to our lounge on opening day, with a special guest performance that is only accessible to holders. There will also be giveaways, competitions and metaverse exploration events that will be launched with the beta program!

Q4 2023 (OCTOBER)

Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness “Pink Ribbon” Cigar will be released and proceeds sent to the initiative of the Cigar Life Women’s choice

Q4 2023 (DECEMBER)

– Farm location secured. NFT holders of the Farm Investment Drop will be updated on the finalized location, delivered the final prospectus,marketing plan and necessary documents and added to a special group for Farm owners/NFT holders. Winners of trip to farm will be announced.

Q1 2024 (MARCH)

Tentatively, Production begins on Farm. Cigar creation will commence and cigars and other items will begin to be produced.

Q2 2024 (JUNE 30)

Winners of the trip will be sent on their vacation

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